Wellington & District Pool League

Winter 2019-2020

Past Years Results


The Wellington & District pool League has been running since the early 70's. It has been run as an independent league all this time by a committee of volunteers, who give their time free of charge. The League runs two seasons per year, The Winter Season runs from September until around Easter the following year. The more resent Summer Season was originally setup as a fun league, requiring a minimum of two female players.

The original match format was a set of 3 doubles games and 6 single games. This format was change to 15 single games in 1999 and has remained this way to date. In the year 2001 a system of player rating was introduced giving individual players the chance to compete for the highest rated player of the season in league division.

Our league has always upheld the sense of fair play and sportsmanship and as such the league has never had a Referee for league games. The only time Referees are used is on finals night.

The Committee

Chairman: Ashley Huggett
Vice Chairperson: Rowena White
Secretary: Jo Chevalier
Treasurer: Butch Cobbett
Fixtures & Competitions Secretary: Gary Grensted
County pool representitives: Kevin Hughes & Bradley Ellison