Wellington & District Pool League




Last updated: 19/08/2022
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Match Wk Won/ Opposition Opposing Eight Rating Weight- Rating
Date No Lost Name Team Ball Attained ing Value
14/07/20229WON DAVE DARCH WHATS THE STORY PG 01396220307120
14/07/20229WON TOM DAVIES WHATS THE STORY PG 01341216289656
14/07/20229WON IAN BENTON WHATS THE STORY PG 01312212278144
16/06/20227LOST WILL ESCOTT NICE PARKING 0920208191360
16/06/20227LOST BRADLEY ELLISON NICE PARKING 0870204177480
16/06/20227WON JOANNE CHEVALIER NICE PARKING 01399200279800
05/05/20222WON TOM DAVIES WHATS THE STORY PG 01250196245000
05/05/20222LOST RICKY MARKE WHATS THE STORY PG 0573192110016
05/05/20222WON DAVE DARCH WHATS THE STORY PG 01375188258500

Player Max Played Won Lost 8 Balls % Won Current Rating
ADRIAN GAINES 38% 9 6 3 0 67%1164