Wellington & District Pool League

Winter 2019-2020

KEV GAYTON's Results


Last updated: 10/04/2020
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Match Wk Won/ Opposition Opposing Eight Rating Weight- Rating
Date No Lost Name Team Ball Attained ing Value
27/02/202017LOST MARK KERSLAKE CHANGING LANES 01110220244200
27/02/202017WON MIKE LANE CHANGING LANES 01654216357264
27/02/202017LOST AIDEN HODGE CHANGING LANES 01116212236592
13/02/202016LOST MAGGIE NORRIS HERE FOR THE BEER 0864208179712
13/02/202016WON COLIN SCARLETT HERE FOR THE BEER 01460204297840
06/02/202015WON ETHAN DEVILLE OLD & NEW BLUES 01198200239600
06/02/202015WON EDDIE PENFOLD OLD & NEW BLUES 01446196283416
06/02/202015WON JORDAN LANK OLD & NEW BLUES 01380192264960
30/01/202014LOST ANDY WARE OUT ON THE POOL 0778188146264
30/01/202014WON MALCOLM PRENTICE OUT ON THE POOL 01319184242696
30/01/202014WON ANDY CROWE OUT ON THE POOL 01581180284580
16/01/202013LOST BEN HOLLEY THE JETS 01040176183040
16/01/202013LOST GAVIN STYLES THE JETS 0956172164432
16/01/202013WON DAVID POWELL THE JETS 01316168221088
02/01/202011LOST TOM DAVIES AIN'T GOT A KALOU 0917164150388
02/01/202011LOST SAM IDDON AIN'T GOT A KALOU 0816160130560
12/12/20199LOST PHIL PORTER FORGOT TO WARM UP 0837156130572
12/12/20199WON ROGER MATTOCKS FORGOT TO WARM UP 01150148170200
28/11/20197LOST ALEX JOHNSON CHANGING LANES 0751144108144
28/11/20197LOST MIKE LANE CHANGING LANES 0992140138880
28/11/20197WON PETER CRIDGE CHANGING LANES 01302136177072
14/11/20196WON BEN LEAKEY HERE FOR THE BEER 01128132148896
14/11/20196LOST DAN DEHEAUME HERE FOR THE BEER 0854128109312
14/11/20196WON SCOTT OGDEN HERE FOR THE BEER 01085124134540
07/11/20195LOST EDDIE PENFOLD OLD & NEW BLUES 071612085920
07/11/20195LOST STEVE WINDSOR OLD & NEW BLUES 075811687928
07/11/20195LOST PETE BROWN OLD & NEW BLUES 069911278288
31/10/20194LOST NEIL GAMLIN OUT ON THE POOL 067010872360
31/10/20194LOST DAVIN EVERSETT OUT ON THE POOL 073410476336
31/10/20194LOST BEN WARE OUT ON THE POOL 01016100101600
17/10/20193LOST TONY JONES THE JETS 07509672000
17/10/20193LOST DAVID POWELL THE JETS 08239275716
17/10/20193LOST CLARRY HAWKINS THE JETS 08968878848
10/10/20192WON CAM TRACEY POCKET ROCKETS 09558076400
10/10/20192WON BARRY WINTER POCKET ROCKETS 012507695000
03/10/20191WON JOE CHAMBERLAIN AIN'T GOT A KALOU 012507290000
03/10/20191LOST SCOTT ANDREWS AIN'T GOT A KALOU 07506851000
03/10/20191LOST DAVE DARCH AIN'T GOT A KALOU 07506448000

Player Max Played Won Lost 8 Balls % Won Current Rating
KEV GAYTON 96% 40 15 25 0 38%1066