Wellington & District Pool League

Winter 2019-2020



Last updated: 12/12/2019
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Match Wk Won/ Opposition Opposing Eight Rating Weight- Rating
Date No Lost Name Team Ball Attained ing Value
05/12/20198LOST ANDY WARE OUT ON THE POOL 0647220142340
05/12/20198LOST MALCOLM PRENTICE OUT ON THE POOL 0710216153360
05/12/20198LOST BEN WARE OUT ON THE POOL 0945212200340
28/11/20197WON OWEN MARKE THE JETS 01250208260000
28/11/20197WON CATRIONA POWELL THE JETS 01210204246840
28/11/20197LOST DAVID POWELL THE JETS 0817200163400
14/11/20196WON LIZ GRAY POCKET ROCKETS 01228196240688
14/11/20196LOST BARRY WINTER POCKET ROCKETS 0710192136320
14/11/20196LOST PAUL MAYNARD POCKET ROCKETS 0934188175592
07/11/20195WON CAM DARLOW AIN'T GOT A KALOU 01175184216200
07/11/20195WON SAM IDDON AIN'T GOT A KALOU 01335180240300
07/11/20195LOST DAVE DARCH AIN'T GOT A KALOU 0862176151712
31/10/20194LOST MATTHEW GIBBSON OLD & NEW BLUES 0795172136740
31/10/20194WON IAN ILES OLD & NEW BLUES 01250168210000
10/10/20192LOST ALEX JOHNSON CHANGING LANES 0750164123000
10/10/20192LOST BEN KIPLING CHANGING LANES 0750160120000
10/10/20192WON PETER CRIDGE CHANGING LANES 01250156195000
03/10/20191LOST MAGGIE NORRIS HERE FOR THE BEER 0750152114000
03/10/20191LOST SCOTT OGDEN HERE FOR THE BEER 0750148111000
03/10/20191LOST COLIN SCARLETT HERE FOR THE BEER 0750144108000

Player Max Played Won Lost 8 Balls % Won Current Rating
TOM WESTCOTT 167% 20 7 13 0 35%946