Wellington & District Pool League

Winter 2019-2020



Last updated: 19/11/2019
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Match Wk Won/ Opposition Opposing Eight Rating Weight- Rating
Date No Lost Name Team Ball Attained ing Value
28/11/20197LOST JORDAN LANK OLD & NEW BLUES 0736220161920
28/11/20197LOST EDDIE PENFOLD OLD & NEW BLUES 0739216159624
28/11/20197LOST TONY HARTNELL OLD & NEW BLUES 0869212184228
14/11/20196LOST ERIC TOTTLE ROW'S REBELS 0747208155376
14/11/20196WON KEV GAYTON ROW'S REBELS 01149204234396
14/11/20196LOST GARY GRENSTED ROW'S REBELS 0769200153800
07/11/20195WON MALCOLM PRENTICE OUT ON THE POOL 01151196225596
07/11/20195WON BEN WARE OUT ON THE POOL 01724192331008
07/11/20195LOST ANDY CROWE OUT ON THE POOL 0819188153972
31/10/20194LOST GAVIN STYLES THE JETS 0880184161920
31/10/20194WON DAVID POWELL THE JETS 01326180238680
31/10/20194LOST BEN HOLLEY THE JETS 0940176165440
17/10/20193WON BARRY WINTER POCKET ROCKETS 0811172139492
17/10/20193WON LIZ GRAY POCKET ROCKETS 01216168204288
17/10/20193LOST CAM TRACEY POCKET ROCKETS 0772164126608
10/10/20192LOST DAVE DARCH AIN'T GOT A KALOU 0825160132000
10/10/20192WON CAM DARLOW AIN'T GOT A KALOU 01168156182208
10/10/20192WON TOM DAVIES AIN'T GOT A KALOU 01250152190000

Player Max Played Won Lost 8 Balls % Won Current Rating
DAN DEHEAUME 200% 18 8 10 0 45%986