Wellington & District Pool League

Winter 2019-2020



Last updated: 10/04/2020
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Match Wk Won/ Opposition Opposing Eight Rating Weight- Rating
Date No Lost Name Team Ball Attained ing Value
27/02/202017LOST MARK KERSLAKE CHANGING LANES 01110220244200
27/02/202017LOST BEN KIPLING CHANGING LANES 0940216203040
27/02/202017LOST PETER CRIDGE CHANGING LANES 0952212201824
13/02/202016LOST COLIN SCARLETT HERE FOR THE BEER 0876208182208
13/02/202016LOST CURTIS CLARK HERE FOR THE BEER 0866204176664
06/02/202015LOST MATTHEW GIBBSON OLD & NEW BLUES 0820200164000
06/02/202015WON STEVE WINDSOR OLD & NEW BLUES 01305196255780
30/01/202014LOST BEN WARE OUT ON THE POOL 01010192193920
30/01/202014WON MALCOLM PRENTICE OUT ON THE POOL 01319188247972
16/01/202013WON DAVID POWELL THE JETS 01316184242144
16/01/202013LOST CATRIONA POWELL THE JETS 0794180142920
16/01/202013LOST BEN HOLLEY THE JETS 01040176183040
09/01/202012LOST PAUL MAYNARD POCKET ROCKETS 0875172150500
09/01/202012LOST MARKE TRACEY POCKET ROCKETS 0863168144984
09/01/202012LOST GUY GOODWIN POCKET ROCKETS 0782164128248
02/01/202011LOST LUKE WOODGATE AIN'T GOT A KALOU 0750160120000
02/01/202011WON DAVE DARCH AIN'T GOT A KALOU 01516156236496
02/01/202011LOST TOM DAVIES AIN'T GOT A KALOU 0917152139384
12/12/20199LOST NICK GEAR FORGOT TO WARM UP 0825148122100
12/12/20199LOST PHIL PORTER FORGOT TO WARM UP 0837144120528
12/12/20199LOST TOM WESTCOTT FORGOT TO WARM UP 071314099820
28/11/20197LOST PETER CRIDGE CHANGING LANES 0782136106352
28/11/20197LOST MIKE LANE CHANGING LANES 0992132130944
28/11/20197LOST MARK KERSLAKE CHANGING LANES 01004128128512
14/11/20196WON MAGGIE NORRIS HERE FOR THE BEER 01355124168020
14/11/20196WON CURTIS CLARK HERE FOR THE BEER 01274120152880
14/11/20196WON BEN LEAKEY HERE FOR THE BEER 01128116130848
31/10/20194WON ASHLEY PALFREY OUT ON THE POOL 01250112140000
31/10/20194WON JON FITCH OUT ON THE POOL 01204108130032
31/10/20194WON DAVIN EVERSETT OUT ON THE POOL 01224104127296
17/10/20193WON CLARRY HAWKINS THE JETS 01492100149200
17/10/20193WON SALLY SOUTHCOTT THE JETS 0147996141984
17/10/20193WON CATRIONA POWELL THE JETS 0121292111504
10/10/20192WON GUY GOODWIN POCKET ROCKETS 09558884040
10/10/20192WON LARRY COOMBES POCKET ROCKETS 0127680102080
03/10/20191WON DAVE DARCH AIN'T GOT A KALOU 012507695000
03/10/20191WON CAM DARLOW AIN'T GOT A KALOU 012507290000
03/10/20191WON SAM IDDON AIN'T GOT A KALOU 012506885000

Player Max Played Won Lost 8 Balls % Won Current Rating
ROWENA WHITE 93% 39 18 21 0 47%1039