Wellington & District Pool League

Winter 2019-2020

MARK EDEN's Results


Last updated: 10/04/2020
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Match Wk Won/ Opposition Opposing Eight Rating Weight- Rating
Date No Lost Name Team Ball Attained ing Value
05/03/202018LOST JAMES LOFTUS BLUE BALLBAGS 0938220206360
05/03/202018LOST JERAMY ROBERTS BLUE BALLBAGS 0807216174312
27/02/202017WON CARL WOOD THE LEGENDS 01544212327328
27/02/202017LOST JAMES MAY THE LEGENDS 01297208269776
27/02/202017LOST RICHARD JOHNSON THE LEGENDS 0940204191760
13/02/202016WON LISA MOORE POT BLACKS 01629200325800
13/02/202016WON RYAN REDWOOD POT BLACKS 01659196325164
13/02/202016WON MARK LISTER POT BLACKS 01612192309504
06/02/202015WON DARREN COPP S.S. SQUAD 01511188284068
06/02/202015WON GUY BACKHOUSE S.S. SQUAD 01398184257232
06/02/202015WON SIMON HERITAGE S.S. SQUAD 01601180288180
30/01/202014LOST FRAN RADFORD SNIPERS 0836176147136
30/01/202014WON DEZ DERRICK SNIPERS 01424172244928
30/01/202014WON JON WRIGHT SNIPERS 01545168259560
16/01/202013LOST JO CHEVALIER NICE PARKING 0860164141040
16/01/202013WON JASON RUSSELL NICE PARKING 01512160241920
16/01/202013LOST WILL ESCOTT NICE PARKING 01013156158028

Player Max Played Won Lost 8 Balls % Won Current Rating
MARK EDEN 41% 17 10 7 0 59%1299