Wellington & District Pool League

Summer 2019



Last updated: 17/08/2019
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Match Wk Won/ Opposition Opposing Eight Rating Weight- Rating
Date No Lost Name Team Ball Attained ing Value
15/08/201912LOST PAUL MARKS S.S. SQUAD 0846220186120
15/08/201912LOST SIMON HERITAGE S.S. SQUAD 01006216217296
15/08/201912LOST DARREN COPP S.S. SQUAD 0924212195888
08/08/201911WON KATE YARDE NICE PARKING 01579208328432
08/08/201911WON JASON RUSSELL NICE PARKING 01494204304776
08/08/201911LOST WILL ESCOTT NICE PARKING 0897200179400
18/07/20199WON MAGGIE NORRIS HERE FOR THE BEER 01174196230104
18/07/20199LOST COLIN SCARLETT HERE FOR THE BEER 0761192146112
18/07/20199WON CURTIS CLARK HERE FOR THE BEER 01208188227104
11/07/20198WON ROB JOLLY TWO TEES 01250184230000
11/07/20198WON TERRY WINDSOR TWO TEES 01095180197100
11/07/20198WON SHANE DUHEAUME TWO TEES 01316176231616
20/06/20196LOST ANDREW GOFF BLUE BALLBAGS 0794172136568
20/06/20196LOST DAN LOFTUS BLUE BALLBAGS 0787168132216
20/06/20196LOST JAMES LOFTUS BLUE BALLBAGS 0874164143336
13/06/20195LOST DARREN COPP S.S. SQUAD 0830160132800
13/06/20195WON SIMON HERITAGE S.S. SQUAD 01511156235716
13/06/20195LOST PAUL MARKS S.S. SQUAD 0800152121600
06/06/20194WON BONNIE YARDE NICE PARKING 01199148177452
06/06/20194LOST BRADLEY ELLISON NICE PARKING 0763144109872
06/06/20194LOST KATE YARDE NICE PARKING 0890140124600
16/05/20192WON DAN DEHEAUME HERE FOR THE BEER 01276136173536
16/05/20192LOST AIDEN HODGE HERE FOR THE BEER 0955132126060
16/05/20192WON MAGGIE NORRIS HERE FOR THE BEER 0955128122240
09/05/20191WON TERRY WINDSOR TWO TEES 01250124155000
09/05/20191WON KANE EYLES TWO TEES 01250120150000
09/05/20191LOST STAN ARMSTRONG TWO TEES 075011687000

Player Max Played Won Lost 8 Balls % Won Current Rating
GARY GRENSTED 113% 27 13 14 0 49%1059