Wellington & District Pool League


WILL ESCOTT 's Results


Last updated: 19/08/2022
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Match Wk Won/ Opposition Opposing Eight Rating Weight- Rating
Date No Lost Name Team Ball Attained ing Value
18/08/202212LOST LARRY COOMBE POCKET ROCKETS 0766220168520
18/08/202212WON STEPHEN MASON POCKET ROCKETS 01356216292896
04/08/202211LOST NEIL PERKS HERE FOR THE BEER 0825212174900
04/08/202211WON CHRIS WELLS HERE FOR THE BEER 01250208260000
04/08/202211WON KEVIN DENSLOW HERE FOR THE BEER 01201204245004
28/07/202210WON CATRIONA POWELL THE JETS 01234200246800
28/07/202210LOST BEN HOLLEY THE JETS 0754196147784
28/07/202210WON MATT MILLARD THE JETS 01245192239040
16/06/20227WON ADRIAN GAINES SS SQUAD 01446188271848
16/06/20227LOST STEVE SMITH SS SQUAD 0829184152536
16/06/20227LOST SHAUN HITCHCOTT SS SQUAD 0783180140940
29/05/20224WON LIAM LAIDLAW HERE FOR THE BEER 01250176220000
29/05/20224WON MAGGIE NORRIS HERE FOR THE BEER 0932172160304
29/05/20224WON COLIN SCARLETT HERE FOR THE BEER 01588168266784
12/05/20223WON BEN HOLLEY THE JETS 01938164317832
12/05/20223WON ROBERT POWELL THE JETS 01250160200000
12/05/20223WON GAVIN STYLES THE JETS 01250156195000
28/04/20221WON SCOTT ANDREWS WHATS THE STORY PG 01250152190000
28/04/20221LOST IAN BENTON WHATS THE STORY PG 0750148111000

Player Max Played Won Lost 8 Balls % Won Current Rating
WILL ESCOTT 80% 19 13 6 0 69%1145