Wellington & District Pool League




Last updated: 01/07/2022
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Match Wk Won/ Opposition Opposing Eight Rating Weight- Rating
Date No Lost Name Team Ball Attained ing Value
30/06/20228WON TOM SHARLAND OLD & NEW BLUES 01295220284900
30/06/20228WON MATT GIBSON OLD & NEW BLUES 01100216237600
30/06/20228WON ED PENFOLD OLD & NEW BLUES 01258212266696
16/09/20227WON DEBBIE GRANGER ROWS REBELS 01089208226512
16/09/20227WON GEOFF HAMLYN ROWS REBELS 01175204239700
16/09/20227WON GARY GRENSTED ROWS REBELS 01510200302000
09/06/20226LOST PAUL MCCALLISKY MUTTS NUTTS 0619196121324
09/06/20226WON GARY DEVILLE MUTTS NUTTS 01480192284160
09/06/20226WON ED WILLIAMS MUTTS NUTTS 01551188291588
29/05/20224LOST MORGAN WILLIAMS THE LEGENDS 0701184128984
29/05/20224WON CARL WOOD THE LEGENDS 01371180246780
29/05/20224WON RICHARD JOHNSON THE LEGENDS 11287176226512
12/05/20223WON MARK WEBBER TWO TEES 01209172207948
12/05/20223LOST ELLIOTT PARROTT TWO TEES 0796168133728
12/05/20223LOST MARTIN ROWE TWO TEES 0730164119720
05/05/20222LOST GAZ SMITH SNIPERS 0955160152800
05/05/20222WON JON WRIGHT SNIPERS 01250156195000
05/05/20222WON DEZ DERRICK SNIPERS 01379152209608
28/04/20221WON TONY HARTNELL OLD & NEW BLUES 01250148185000
28/04/20221WON STEVE WINDSOR OLD & NEW BLUES 01250144180000
28/04/20221WON MATT GIBSON OLD & NEW BLUES 01250140175000

Player Max Played Won Lost 8 Balls % Won Current Rating
MARK KERSLAKE 175% 21 16 5 1 77%1168