Wellington & District Pool League


ANDY DART's Results


Last updated: 01/07/2022
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Match Wk Won/ Opposition Opposing Eight Rating Weight- Rating
Date No Lost Name Team Ball Attained ing Value
30/06/20228LOST PAUL MARKS SS SQUAD 0906220199320
30/06/20228WON STEVE SMITH SS SQUAD 01459216315144
30/06/20228WON SIMON HERITAGE SS SQUAD 01485212314820
16/09/20227WON NEIL PERKS HERE FOR THE BEER 01341208278928
16/09/20227LOST SAM BUNNEY HERE FOR THE BEER 0750204153000
16/09/20227WON KEVIN DENSLOW HERE FOR THE BEER 01168200233600
09/06/20226WON ETHAN DEVILLE NICE PARKING 01011196198156
09/06/20226WON ALFIE WYATT NICE PARKING 01486192285312
09/06/20226LOST KEV HUGHES NICE PARKING 0967188181796
29/05/20224WON DAVID POWELL THE JETS 01161184213624
29/05/20224WON CAT POWELL THE JETS 01180180212400
29/05/20224WON ROBERT POWELL THE JETS 0889176156464
12/05/20223WON SCOTT ANDREWS WHATS THE STORY PG 11176172202272
12/05/20223WON ROB SHEEN WHATS THE STORY PG 01352168227136
12/05/20223WON TOM DAVIES WHATS THE STORY PG 01168164191552
05/05/20222WON LARRY COOMBE POCKET ROCKETS 01250160200000
05/05/20222WON MARKE TRACEY POCKET ROCKETS 01168156182208
28/04/20221LOST SIMON HERITAGE SS SQUAD 0750152114000
28/04/20221LOST DARREN COPP SS SQUAD 0750148111000
28/04/20221WON SIMON HERITAGE SS SQUAD 01250144180000

Player Max Played Won Lost 8 Balls % Won Current Rating
ANDY DART 167% 20 15 5 1 75%1140